Year List #9: Re-Watch Gilmore Girls

gilmore2There was a time when I turned my nose up at Gilmore Girls.  I had tuned in to a random episode when it was on and quickly got lost in the quick dialogue and rapid in jokes.  Then a friend in England told me to give it another chance, but to start at the beginning.  I was hooked and watched the whole series while in the UK.

Since I’ve been back I’ve hardly watched it at all.  Too much on television and Netflix.  Too hard to find all the DVDs.

But, just as it filled an important space in my life in the UK, Gilmore Girls came to the rescue this fall.  I’ve been job searching, which is exhausting, stressful, and time consuming.  I found that most of what I had on the DVR were procedural dramas, or other suspenseful stories.  My stomach couldn’t handle any more.  I needed something comforting and enjoyable.  Cue Gilmore Girls.

And then Netflix started streaming it, so I didn’t even have to keep track of which episodes I had seen or where the next DVD was stored.  A quick purchase of Apple TV made the experience even better.

Despite the cravings for diner food, coffee, donuts, and take-out, I love this show.  The characters are great and the stories are interesting.  Sure, the last season goes down hill a bit, but it’s still a great show.

When I made my year list, I thought it was time to take another trip to Stars Hollow and I’m glad I did!  And yes, I did blubber through the final episode again!


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