Three Day Road

threedayroadLast year I read The Orenda and absolutely loved it.  The perspective was unique and the writing was intense.  I was transported into a different world.

Three Day Road is an earlier novel by Joseph Boyden.  It shows signs of what is to come, but isn’t quite as brilliant as The Orenda.

The story of two native boys who go off to fight in World War I.  Out of their world, but valued for their hunting skills.  The two boys struggle to become men in the trenches of France and Belgium.

The book captures the horrors of war and how it changes people.  The story is told through the eyes of Niska, the aunt of one of the boys, bringing him home from war and attempting to save him from the demons in his head and an addiction to morphine with a return to the native ways.  The war stories are told through war stories as Elijah and Xavier slowly lose themselves in the mud of Europe.

This was a good book, but not a great book.  I put it down for almost a month after I got bogged down in the middle of the book.  It is a valuable book to tell the story of the Native Canadians who went to war and were so valued as snipers.


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