Year Project #12: Live By the Water

smbp2015-01-17 05.14.38When I started my year project I put some things on the list that I knew were entirely possible and give me joy to remind me to do them.  I also put some things on the list that I never thought could happen.  This is one of the latter.  It was something on my life bucket list, but why not throw it on the year list.

I grew up near the ocean and the water is a calming influence for me.  I could climb across rocks, listen to waves, and look at lighthouses for hours.  I had to move away from the ocean to get work and as soon as I could afford to I would head to the ocean at every chance, often to Cape Cod.

Through interesting twists of events, my recent job search has led me to a place I didn’t even think was possible.  When I went to the interview I took a detour on the way home to look around a recommended neighborhood next to the ocean.  I sat on a park bench thinking that I couldn’t want this too much, because it might happen.  Then, when the offer came, I still wasn’t sure I’d be able to find housing in that neighborhood (particularly since I was house hunting in January).

I arrived a little early at the last of my 9 viewings and went for a little walk.  Just two minutes from the viewing I found this view.

I took the apartment.  I’m going to live by the sea!  Salt air.  A lighthouse.  I can hardly believe it.

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