And The Dark Sacred Night

darksacrednightA few years ago I finally read the book Three Junes, which had been recommended to me years before.  I loved it – it’s emotional and touching and beautiful.  I’ve tried a few other books by Julia Glass since then, but none of them have touched the beauty of Three Junes.

Despite a recent disappointing book by Glass, And The Dark Sacred Night caught my attention.  Not only was it a fresh chance to reach the heights of Three Junes, but some of the characters of Three Junes would reappear in this book.  When I saw it on the shelf at the library, I couldn’t resist.

While this book isn’t Three Junes, it was still a good book.  Again, Glass almost writes several books in one.  The first is about a middle aged man, Kit, who is struggling with his long term unemployment and a lack of direction in his life.  He goes off to visit Jasper, the closest thing he’s ever had to a father, to see what he can find out about his actual father.  The second is about discovering his father’s family and getting to know them.  The third is about life after a tragedy.

The middle section is by far the best.  Fenno reappears, as does Lucinda.  The story is complex, full of emotion, and compelling.  The reader gets wrapped up in this forming family.

Unfortunately, the first and final section don’t stand up to the writing in the middle.  It’s good to know Glass’s spark is still there, but I really hope she writes a book with the brilliance consistent throughout the whole book.  I was happy that the end of the book didn’t tie things up in a pretty bow.  Kit’s future is still uncertain, but he’s learned to live in the uncertainty, possibly because he’s found a sense of belonging.

Read this book if you like Glass.  If not, read Three Junes.  It’s still her best.


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