The Beautiful Mystery

beautifulmysteryThis is the second Louise Penny book I’ve read.  I’m a little biased, since I love the Canadian setting and how she mixes a little French to keep me on my toes.

I found The Beautiful Mystery slightly easier to follow than the last novel of Penny’s that I read, though they share the same flaw of introducing far too many characters, leaving me lost at times.  I’m sure the intent is to try to introduce so many suspects that the reader is unable to guess the murderer.  Especially in a setting such as the one in this book, it’s hard to keep track of so many “Brother ________”.

The Beautiful Mystery is the story of a murder inside the walls of a monastery of secluded monks.  Though the keep a rule of silence, they are known for their beautiful Gregorian Chants and have recently become better known after a recording is released.  The murder brings in Penny’s usual cast of characters and her usual pile of complications.  I wasn’t that shocked by the big reveal, but there were still plenty of surprises.

This is a very gentle book (if you can write a gentle book about cold blooded murder).  The setting and the focus on music brings a softer edge to such a masculine book.  And I enjoyed the final lesson of the two wolves from Native Canadian spiritualism.

I enjoyed this book, but I’m still waiting to read one of Penny’s book that I truly love.


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