Year List #14: Change Jobs

jobLast fall was a bit of a nail biter.  I knew my existing job was expiring at the end of January.  I was going through the difficult task of closing out my existing project.  Close out binders, instructions for future people looking at my work, etc.  At home I was writing cover letters and researching positions.  I cast my net pretty wide, since I was living in a fairly rural area without many jobs.

It was a difficult time for someone who wants to know what’s coming.  I was flying to interviews and trying to picture my life not only in the job, but in the city.  At one point my friend and I were buying tickets to a concert not knowing what city I’d be living in, or even what country.  That’s a lot of uncertainty for me.

It doesn’t help that closing out a position makes you feel time ticking away and and your obsolescence.  You feel less and less valuable at a time when you need to boast of your many accomplishments.  So yeah, it was stressful.

After a long list of applications and a lot of interviews (9 for one position), I ended up with several offers coming in over the holiday season (picture me taking an HR call while running through an airport and another while balancing my notebook on the back of a dumpster behind a store).  My mother suggested I write a book.

In the end, I think I made the right decision of a new position.  It’s a step of more responsibility, and is more in my area of interest.  I also get to live by the ocean.

In the end, I was sad to say goodbye to my friends at my old job.  It’s strange to walk away from something that you’ve built, but it’s also good to have a fresh start.

It’s definitely one of the milestones of my year.


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