Lean In

leaninI’ve wanted to read this book since it first came out and with my new library having such a great collection, I was able to get a copy.

Did it live up to the hype and my expectations?

This is a relatively short book and it’s written a conversational style, which makes it feel ‘lighter’ than it is.  In reality, Sandberg’s book is thought provoking and a great pep walk for women (and men too!).  I found myself at several spots thinking “I wish I was reading this book when….”.    I’ve found myself trusting my instincts more and being more assertive in meetings.  A good thing when you’re in a new job!

Lean In isn’t a fact heavy book – it relies heavily on anecdotes and stories, but those stories hit home.  It’s a great argument for why we need more women in executive positions and how women can position themselves to get there.  Her career advice is useful for anyone, but it particularly useful for women trying to figure out how to fit having a family into their careers.

I really enjoyed the book and have already recommended it to several other women.  Worth the quick read.  I anticipate I will be reading it multiple times!


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