The Rosie Effect

rosieI really enjoyed The Rosie Project when I read it last year.  When a sequel came out, I couldn’t imagine that it would be as good as the original.  Wouldn’t it overplay the basic elements of the book.

Don is still Don.  He has a system for everything, though he has grown and realizes that some adjustments need to be made for the presence of a wife in his life.

Things go awry when Rosie announces that she is pregnant.  Don initially doesn’t see this as impacting his life until the baby is born.  Rosie slowly pulls away.  Don overcompensates and fails to communicate and their problems multiply until she’s on an airplane home to Australia.

Of course, there’s a whole cast of characters.  A social worker that Don has previously offended in a social situation.  A landlord who’s an ageing rocker estranged from his son.  A friend who is afraid to tell his own pregnant wife that his business is in trouble.

It was all very sweet and funny.  I enjoyed the lighthearted book after some heavy books.

However, Don still seems very close to Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the character (and often could relate to the issues around trying to decode social clues).

If you enjoyed the first book, you’ll likely enjoy the sequel.  I don’t think it was quite as good, but it was still enjoyable.


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