Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck

paycheck2In preparation for a new program at work, I picked up this book to brush up on financial literacy.

First, let me say that I think everyone cringes a little when you say financial literacy.  Almost everyone thinks “there’s something I should be doing” or “I should be saving more” or “can people see how much debt I’m in” or “does everyone make the mistakes I’ve made”.  Last year I worked with a business professor who put together a financial literacy program for me and she came to me and confessed that she wished she had done this years ago, because putting it together forced her to put her house in order.  Everyone avoids this stuff, which is a shame because the earlier you face up to it, the better off you are.

This is a really great book.  It’s accessible.  At no point reading it did I feel guilty for what I wasn’t doing or stupid for mistakes I’ve made.  In fact, it inspired me to take a look at my own money and make some changes.  And when the question of pensions came up, rather than bury my head in the sand, I put together a spreadsheet of my options to make my decision.  This has made me something of a legend in my workplace and several people have asked me for help with their finance questions.

I can’t promise the book will have the same impact on everyone, but I can tell you that it starts at the very beginning and explains financial issues in plain english and often with a little bit of humor.  I haven’t taken all of their advice yet, but I know where to go when I’m ready.

Everyone should read this book!  It’s educational and empowering.  The information sneaks up on you.

Read it!

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