rohrI always have Richard Rohr books on my reading list, but somehow I don’t often get around to reading them.  With Lent approaching I thought it would be a good opportunity to read a Rohr book.  Plus, reading it in small bits every day would give me the opportunity to absorb the writing and ponder things.

If Simplicity was a new release, it would be a remarkable book.  The fact that it was written decades ago makes it almost revolutionary.  In addition to Rohr’s usual wisdom, his discussions of the equality of women and the value of simplicity shows vision.

I had to put it down briefly to read Rachel Held Evans book before its release and every evening as I read, I wanted to put the book down and pick Rohr back up.

I think everyone should read Simplicity.  Rohr has a gentleness with words and a way of discussing topics that helps you keep an open mind and see perspectives that you might otherwise avoid.  His discussion of women’s equality made me wonder how the rest of the Catholic church couldn’t see the issue as he does.

I hope someday to see Rohr speak in person.  In the meantime I must keep picking up his books and absorb his wisdom.


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