A Spool of Blue Thread

threadReading A Spool of Blue Thread, it had all the hallmarks of an Anne Tyler novel.  It had the complex and interesting characters.  It had the family interactions and drama.  I was settling and enjoying it.

About halfway through the thought struck me that while Tyler had taken pains to lay out all the interactions of the family, there still wasn’t a plot.  That seems to be a bit of a hole in a novel.

Then, there was a major turning point.  I thought that the plot was really beginning.

But no…  Instead, Tyler jumped back decades to start laying out another generation of the family.  And then she jumps again.

While all the layers of the family drama were pleasant enough to read, a few days after reading I couldn’t remember any of the characters and I still couldn’t figure out the question of where to find the plot.

Definitely not Tyler’s best work.  Still pleasant enough to read, but nothing near her truly great books.


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