Swapping Lives

swappingFour years ago I read a book called Life Swap by Jane Green, which is set half in London and half in Connecticut.  At the time I was living just outside London and Marylebone High Street was one of my favorite spots (the home of one of the main characters).  I enjoyed the book immensely.

A few weeks ago I remembered the book.  Through a series of events I am now living in the same area as the fictional Highfield, Connecticut and I thought it would be fun to read it again, but from the second location.  I picked up a copy and took it with me to sit on the beach, which might well be the one mentioned in the book.

Swapping Lives (the US title) was just as good the second time around.  The premise, a single editor of a fashion magazine in London swaps lives with a housewife from a rich Connecticut town.  Far fetched, but still interesting to read.

Interesting to know more about the life in Connecticut that the book portrays.  I play at the edges of the society life in the area.

In the end, people are people, no matter where they live or what their circumstances.  The grass is not greener with a Birkin bag.  Enjoy the life you have!

This is an enjoyable beach read.  Keeps your attention, but light enough to read amidst all the activity at the beach.


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