We Are Called To Rise

riseThis has been chosen in my workplace as the book everyone is going to read next year.  I grabbed a copy when I saw it in the library to try to get a little ahead.

I wanted to like this book.  It had some interesting scenarios.  Some of the characters were good.  On paper it’s a good match with our population.  The topics are timely.  The themes resonate.

But here’s the problem – it’s not that well written.  I didn’t remember the characters from one day to the next.  I didn’t care about even the most tragic circumstances.  I couldn’t make it through more than a few pages a day.  While I usually buzz through fiction in less than a week, this took me a full month.  And it wasn’t a very enjoyable month.

Skip this book (unless you work with me).  Life is too short for mediocre books.


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