Family Pictures

familyJumped. The. Shark.

As I started reading this book I thought it was Jane Green novel like her most recent books.  Family drama.  A little romance.

As I read about the two families in the novel I started to see the plot developing and thought ‘No, she wouldn’t do that’.  But she did.  The Dad has two families, which is revealed in the midst of a dramatic plot twist.  It was like being unable to take your eyes off a train wreck.  Also, like being stuck in an airport with a cancelled flight and nothing else to do.

It wasn’t even well written.  The mother of one of the women’s mother dies and then that plot line dies.  No visit to the hospital.  No funeral.  Just dead and out of the story.  Weird.

None of the characters were particularly likeable and the plot certainly wasn’t believable.

Seriously – skip this one!


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