Who Moved My Cheese

cheeseIt’s generally my practice that when you know what your boss is reading (work wise), it’s always smart to be reading the same thing.  This led to my reading of Quiet (which was great).  The other day I noticed a book on a desk and figured it would be a wise read.  Plus, we were likely the last two people on earth to read it.

It’s a quick read, but useful.  Sometimes if you take something you know to be true and turn it 90 degrees you can get a fresh perspective and re-learn something you really should never have forgotten.  A good way to do this is through a story (parable, fable, etc.), which is what Johnson does here.

There are two mice and two little people.  They discover a source of cheese and are enjoying having a regular food source.  Then, one day, there is no more cheese.  What each of the four do reflects different people’s reaction to change (or sometimes, different aspects of one person’s reaction to change at different times).  Do you notice change is coming and run off to find the next source of cheese?  Do you wait until the change has happened and then think about what to do next?  Or do you remain in denial about change and refuse to react?

Now I’m sorry I didn’t read it back when everyone was reading.  However, I’m glad I read it before I missed the next round of change!


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