The Bookseller

booksellerSeeing this book on several “best of 2015 so far” lists, I jumped at the chance to pick it up at my local library.

Kitty is a bookseller who co-owns a little small shop in downtown Denver in the early 1960s as the world is changing.  She starts having dreams that she is a housewife in the Denver suburbs with a man she almost went out with years before.  The dreams become increasingly real and Kitty sees what’s lacking in her real and dream world.  I don’t want to say much and ruin the book, but I, personally didn’t find the ending all that satisfying.

While The Bookseller is definitely a page turner and an easy read, I wouldn’t classify it as being a great book.  Being a fast read doesn’t make it a good read.  It was more of a quick beach read than the kind of book you wait to read with anticipation.  I don’t know that I would recommend it.


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