The Power of Habit

habitSomehow I missed this book when it was a New York Times bestseller.  A few weeks ago a friend recommended to help understand how some people are able make changes to their habits while others are not.

This book is able to make the psychology of habit easy to understand for the layperson.  The cycle of cues, actions, and rewards drives the development of habits.  As long as the cues remain, effort must be made to change the action, while maintaining a reward.  For marketers trying to sell a new product, execs need to understand the cue for use and a reward after use.  There are many interesting case studies, including the initial introduction of toothpaste and the near failure of Febreeze.

As someone trying to help people change their habits to good one, it’s valuable insight into the process.  Shear willpower, without addressing the psychology behind habits will only lead to failure.

Duhigg’s writing is clear and easy to understand.  His case studies are compelling.  I felt like reading the book gave me the knowledge of a whole college course, while easily making the connection to professional applications.

I may be late to the party, but I’m so glad that I did.


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