A Gap

October is the missing month in my life.  Having fibromyalgia means that I spend most of the month battling both fatigue and pain.  Well, less battling and more sleeping through.  Suddenly my rush through life slows to a crawl.  I start conserving energy where ever I can, and things that bring me joy slip to the back burner.  Doctors have tried a variety of medicines to help with varying response.  This year I added regular walking and yoga to equation, which helped a lot.

I still stopped photography.  I stopped going in to New York.  I stopped writing.  I just coped.

I was just starting to feel like myself again and then I had a significant event in my personal life.  I’m sure I’ll be back on my feet with my camera and writing, but I’ll need to coast and cope for a little while longer.



2 thoughts on “A Gap

  1. October is a rotten month for my fibromyalgia too. I’m so sorry you’ve had another setback on top of all that. Take good care of yourself and as a new follower I look forward to your return.

  2. Thanks Barbara. I think I’ll post mini reviews of all the books I finished in October and the first half of November.

    Hope November brought you relief from your fibromyalgia as well!

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