mosquitolandInto every avid reader’s life a little young adult fiction must fall.  Right?

I was detoxing after reading (or, rather, dragging myself through) Bone Clocks and needed something a little lighter.  It could be argued that a novel involving a runaway dealing with parental divorce, a step family, sexual assault, friend’s death, personal illness, and parental illness isn’t very funny.  Mim is a loveable character who has undertaken a Greyhound journey across the country, believing that her mother needs her and that going to Cleveland will solve all of her problems.

There are the usual cast of unusual characters that you would expect to find in a novel set on a Greyhound bus.  It’s Mim’s internal dialogue (as expressed through her letters to Isabel) that is the most interesting.  It’s where the self-doubt and search for individualism show themselves.

Mim is sarcastic and funny.  Some of it is to hide her pain, but it also works well to keep the world at bay.  The world mostly stays there until two new loveable characters, Beck and Walt, come into her life, teaching her wonderful life lessons.

I read the book very quickly because it was an easy reading level and the story kept me reading.  For at least a day after I finished the characters and Mim’s voice really stayed with me, which I consider essential from a good book.


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