The Life-Changing Power of Tidying Up

tidyThis book is everywhere.  It’s ubiquitous at those stores which sell nothing but things to become clutter in your home in two weeks (oh the irony).  I was intrigued at the hold she seemed to have over people.

Kondo claims her method of tidying is unstoppable. She claims no one slides into old ways. Really?  No one?  She makes lots of other huge claims that discredit her.  She also seems very focused on how amazing she is.  I want to know how to organize my things and get rid of clutter, not why I should idolize you.

There are some useful ideas in here (often an item’s purpose is long expired and we keep it around), but her approach seems to hinge on Shinto spirituality, rather than a system of tidying. Fen shui for 2016.

I have found the question of whether an item still brings me joy useful. The bowing to my apartment and thanking it for letting me tidy, not so much.


One thought on “The Life-Changing Power of Tidying Up

  1. I’m totally with you. This book is everywhere! I read it because I’m in the process of decluttering. I enjoyed it but didn’t agree with everything. I found her a little arrogant but in a fun way, and it was worth the read for the helpful tips. The idea that clothes have feelings – not so much. Thanks for sharing!

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