The Martian

themartianFinally!  A book that lives up to its hype.

I wondered if a book about a guy who was left behind on Mars could be interesting.  And then, could they really make a movie about it.

While not for those easily offended by language, The Martian tells the tale of Mark Watney who is left behind during an emergency evacuation of a NASA Mars mission.  His fellow astronauts thought he had been killed, but he miraculously survived.

Mark is funny, sad, philosophical, and bitter (about the abundance of disco) at various points in the novel.  Though he is the main character, the real star is science.  No matter to obstacle comes up, Mark, with his background in mechanical engineering and botany, can figure out a solution.  Later, when he’s able to talk with NASA, a whole army of scientists join him in his problem solving.

I loved the combination of seeing people deal with the stress of these situations, the science, and the resiliency of humans.

The story is riveting (though there are moments in the book where the problems can be a little too foreshadowed) and I would recommend reading the book to those who saw the movie.  The movie cut a lot of plot out – it’s worth the read!


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