Steve Jobs

jobsI’ve been wanting to read this book for ages.  I had heard it was good, but it has an intimidating thump factor.

When it came into my local library as an audio book the time had come.

I found this book really interesting.  I loved seeing how he developed from a genius with no social skills, to a genius with…. some social skills.  At the same time I was reading it I was preparing to give a workshop on leadership skills.  Jobs makes an interesting study in leadership.  People followed him for his genius, despite his lack of leadership skills.  One in a generation.

I had no idea that Jobs was adopted and was raised by parents without college degrees or that he had a daughter that he abandoned.  He had so many flaws as a human, yet his brain was incredible.  How did he know what everyone would need?  How did he see the future so clearly and then create it?

This is a great history book for anyone interested in technology and an good read for people interested in leadership. Plus, it’s a good read.


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