My Name is Lucy Barton

lucybartonI saw this book on many a best-seller table when someone at work offered me her copy of the book.  She offered me the warning that she didn’t like it much.

The reviews were great, so I gave it a try.

The writing is very nice.  Strout does a good job of developing the character of Lucy and making the complications of Lucy’s relationship with her mother clear.

However, I couldn’t find the plot.  Not at all.  This reads like a character development exercise in a creative writing class.  No attempt at pacing.  No attempt at plot.  And the characters aren’t particularly likeable.

I have to confess I gave up on the book about halfway through.  Then I was in a favorite independent bookstore and they were recommending it, so I gave it another try.  This time I made it all the way through, but I still don’t understand the attraction.  Perhaps someone who loved it can explain it to me.

Unless you love the technical aspects of writing, I wouldn’t recommend this book.  However, it is a quick book and interesting if you want to see what a book would look like with no story.


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