Me Before You

mebeforeyouThis book has a lot of hype, so I decided to give it a go (I had it on my Kindle for more than a year without reading it).

It’s everything you would expect – a page turner, a tear jerker, happy/sad…  And it stays with you after you’ve finished.  I read it in a few days (including actually taking my whole lunch because I got caught up in the book).

It’s a good read.   The story of Louisa, a young woman who is drifting through her life in small town England, who becomes the caretaker for Will, a recent quadriplegic and current or ex-asshole (depending on your perspective). Louisa is trying to convince Will that life is still worth living, and discourage him from his planned assisted suicide (since I’m the last person in the world to read the book, I’m assuming I’m not spoiling this for anyone). Both characters are well written and the story keeps you glued to the page.

While the ending was almost inevitable, I was a little surprised the author went there.  It still leaves you feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut, even though you knew it was coming.

Has anyone out there read “After You”? Reviews on Amazon are seriously mixed.


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