Audacity of Hope

hopeYou might ask how exactly it is that I, a political hack, would manage to not read the book laying out the political views of the sitting president.  You might also ask how I could do so, since I’ve had the book on my kindle for years.

I really enjoyed this book.  I enjoyed hearing Obama’s views on a variety of political subject   He does a great job of explaining the history of constitutional law.

What made me sad all through the book was how right he was about how stuck the political operations of Washington have become.  I was sad that the policies he advocates never had the chance for real debate on their merits.  I wish I had the chance to see THIS president.  I wish I lived in a country where the world wasn’t so polarized that decision-making can’t be about what’s good for the country and the residents.

Hope is just as audacious a decade later. In fact, I think we’re all losing hope.


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