Creativity, Inc.

creativityEver since I saw this book on display at Chapters in Halifax, I thought it looked amazing.  But, the list of books that get my interest is long, and time (and my pocketbook) is short.

Then I walked into my library and it was on the shelf – yay!

Chapters’ recommendation wasn’t wrong – this is a great book.  And yes, that is Buzz Lightyear on the cover. Inside is the book is full of the insights gained founding and growing Pixar, one of the most creative companies in the world.

I found the book interesting and helpful in many ways:

  • On a superficial level, I loved hearing the process  of how some of my favorite movies came to be. To see where the ideas started and how they great into genius gave hope to many many half-baked ideas out there.
  • Having just read a biography of Steve Jobs, it was interesting to hear the view of co-workers.  They loved him, but it wasn’t all roses.  They found ways of accessing his genius while reigning in his worst instincts.
  • The piece I found most useful was the description of the creative process and how they have been able to encourage honesty and candor across levels of the organization.  The ability to problem solve on creative teams is critical, and that requires the ability to express candor without bruising feelings or damaging relationships is tough.

I would recommend this book to any manager who wants better teams and more creative output.  I found it really useful.


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