All The Single Ladies

singleladiesI first heard about this book in the form of an article.  I think it was Vanity Fair and thought “I should watch for this book”.  A few weeks later I walked into the library and there it was.

The article made it sound like the book was solely about the rise of single women as a political force in America.  That certainly is covered in the book, but it is much much more.  I see the book more as a study of the change role and nature of single women in America.  From the needed ‘spinster aunt’ to female independence, the book does not hold back in its condemnation of how the American political system is set up to benefit men, particularly married men.  The push of marriage as the solution to poverty and all other social ills is explained at some detail.

The book is strongly feminist.  Having grown up outside this country, the book was helpful for me in connecting the dots of the growth of feminism in the US and the changing role of women in the country.

In the midst of our current election, will single women be able to use their power to influence the outcome of the election to elect those who can see beyond the singular role of women as wife (and mother)?  One can only hope.

As a single woman, it was depressing to learn just how much the system is gamed against me.  In my professional capacity, it was heartbreaking to see how the system is gamed against single mothers.


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