When Breath Becomes Air

airI didn’t understand the hoopla. How could this little book be so great? Why was everyone reading it?

Then I read Being Mortal (which was also great) and it referenced the book.  Since I was in the midst of some life decisions it seemed like a good reminder to live life to the fullest.

That said, who would have thought a doctor could write like this?

The book is written by a neurologist who is diagnosed with cancer and crosses the line from doctor and patient (more than once). He makes hard decisions about how he wants to spend the rest of his life. He is unusual for dying at 37, but he’s not unusual for dying. He brings wisdom to the process.

It wasn’t until the epilogue written by his wife that I truly lost it. I was sitting on the beach with tears running down my face.

This book really touched me.  It reminded me to live and not let everything pass me by. It challenged me to identify what’s really important to me.

The book is short, so it can be a quick read. Everyone should pick it up and see what it says to them.


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