Smarter Faster Better

smarterI absolutely loved The Power of Habit, so I was excited to hear that Charles Duhigg had written a new book.  Who doesn’t need to learn more about productivity.

For the first half of the book I wasn’t really sold.  There were interesting stories, but I didn’t see how they held together.  Mental tunneling – interesting.  Mental mapping – interesting.  I still wasn’t sure what this had to do with productivity.  I enjoyed the Absorbing Data chapter for how people get overwhelmed when faced with too many choices.

I still don’t understand what holds this book together.  Yes, it’s about how the brain functions.  I learned a lot, but Duhigg is in danger of sliding into Malcolm Gladstone territory.  Quick conclusions from a single story.

I wish Duhigg had taken more time with this book to make it as good as The Power of Habit.  Instead it feels like a collection of articles, but not a book.


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