The Light Between Oceans

lightbetweenI listened to this book as an audio book and immediately thought it wasn’t go well.  The reader of the book had a low soothing voice.  I listen to audio in the car, so a soothing voice isn’t exactly ideal.

With that as a start, I loved this book.  The plot is painful and the characters are sometimes hard to like, but the writing is so beautiful.  When the boat washes up on the beach with a baby inside, it almost seems okay to keep the baby and say nothing.  But as the story unfolds the tearing of morals (and the family) gets faster and faster.  Izzy or Tom?  Who do you side with?  Do you keep the child when you know the truth?  I finished the audio book and wanted to read the paper book just to see all the phrasing.

I’m afraid to watch the movie as so much of my enjoyment of this book was in the writing itself.  Has anyone seen the movie?  Can you comment on how well the book translated to the screen?


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