After You

afteryouIn my tour of lighter novels during my big transition, this seemed like an obvious choice.  I had read and liked Me Before You earlier this year and wondered how you could spin a full novel of a sequel.

If you enjoyed the character of Louisa, you have the best chance of liking this novel.  The whole book focuses on her and her attempt to recover from the blow of losing Will.  After the optimism of the end of Me Before You, Louisa seems to have found herself in a rut.  She is working at a airport bar in a polyester uniform and horrible wig.

The plot of the novel is a little far fetched – Will had a daughter that he didn’t know about who desperately needs Louisa.  She has the chance at love again, which she appears to be messing up.  When opportunity knocks she drops the ball.

I found Louisa fairly annoying in this novel.  It’s not such a bad book, but if you really enjoyed Me Before You, stick with that.  Why mess it up with a lesser follow up?


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