Best of Non-Fiction

I’ve read some truly inspiring non-fiction this year.  These books challenged me, stretched me, and taught me.  I’d recommend all of them.

Between The World and Me – Ta-Nehisi Coates – This slim book packs a punch.  It’s not a comfortable read, but it’s a raw look at race in America.

hopeThe Audacity of Hope – Barack Obama – An inspiring look at the intentions of the Founding Fathers and the potential the US has if it can overcome its political differences. I really want to take a constitutional law class from Professor Obama.

Creativity, Inc. – Ed Catull and Amy Wallace – A look at the management process behind the creative powerhouse that is Pixar.  I got so many useful creativityideas from this book that I was able to integrate into my own work.

Evicted – Matthew Desmond – A hard hitting look at the complexity of poverty in cities in America.  Case studies from the bottom of the rental world in Milwaukee, Desmond shows the cyclical nature of poverty and how policies play out for those with the least.

Grit – Angela Duckworth – I had resisted reading this book as I didn’t like Duckworth’s TED talk.  However, I really enjoyed this book.  She was able to flesh out her ideas and push them beyond ‘work harder’ and ‘stick with it’.  I found her ideas around internal locus of control the most useful.

mortalBeing Mortal – Atul Gawande – This is a striking look at what makes life more than existing and how we can humanize the process of dying to be more than an epic battle against death.



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