The Illegal

illegalThe Book of Negroes ranks as one of my top 10 books and I was waiting for Hill’s next novel.

The premise sounded a little thin – an illegal immigrant making his way in the world by winning marathons.  However, some of the best novels have odd sounding premises (Bel Canto anyone?), so let’s jump in.

Sadly, this book is nowhere close to Book of Negroes.  The thin plot was just a thin plot.  I managed to finish the whole thing.  I’m not sure why there are chains of Tim Hortons in a fictional African country (or why people who eat there are considered cheap).  The complicated conspiracy that didn’t end up being complicated after all?

The characters were forgettable (characters were one of the strengths of Book of Negros) and it felt like the author was grasping at straws throughout.

Such a disappointment.


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