H is for Hawk

hawk2One of the reasons I like being part of book clubs is to broaden my reading list.  Left to my own devices, I’m afraid I would read only family dramas set on Cape Cod.

In my efforts to find a good book club in my new city, I tried one at my my nearby library.  This was their next book, so I downloaded it for my kindle.

I really didn’t click with the book.  It took until I went to the book club meeting to realize that this was a memoir, not fiction.  Also, I kept forgetting that the main character was female.  I don’t know why that is, except that she seemed quite blood thirsty, which I guess I assumed meant the narrator was male.

Helen has recently lost her father and acquired a goshawk to train. The book is very technical about the training of the hawk.  I found her journey through grief much more interesting, but she kept suppressing her guilt and focusing on the training.  She also was re-writing the biography of T H White, a famous author and hawker.

Many people in the book club enjoyed this book.  I found it a grind to complete.  The downside to ‘broadening your horizons’.  Looking forward to better luck with other book club books.


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