I Let You Go

letyougoI never win contests.  I can’t even win anything in Roll Up the Rim to Win at Tim Hortons.  I hardly even remember entering @justalillost’s end of the year book give away.  I won any of her top 10 books of the year.  I chose I Let You Go. I didn’t know much about it, but several sources had recommended it, so I was excited when it arrived in the mail.

I really enjoyed this book.  It’s disorienting and jostling, but it’s good.  Almost Kate Atkinson-esque.  A mother lets go of her son’s hand for just a moment – long enough for him to be hit by a car on the rainy night. She is devastated and blames herself.

Jenna can’t cope with her memories and moves to a small cottage on the cliffside in a remote area of Wales.  She heals walking the paths and beaches and tries to rebuild her life.

The investigators in the accident don’t want to let go of the case, despite the lack of clues and witnesses.  A year after the accident they send out a public appeal and a witness comes forward and the case is revived.

The author takes a page out of The Girl on the Train with sudden plot twists that I don’t want to give away.  When you think you are safely through the twists there are more. The novel is emotional and engaging – a true page turner.  It’s been a while since I’ve stayed awake too late because I can’t put down a novel and I really enjoyed being reminded of the joy of reading a really good book.

Definitely recommend.  Thanks @justalillost

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