Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety

kaysI bought this book because I was intrigued to read a book set in my neighbourhood in the 1980s.  What did these streets feel like?  What was Toronto like?

I ended up getting much more than that.  This book is an immigrant story and a reminder of the need for immigrant stories.

Mary is an immigrant from Korea.  Her parents pour every ounce of themselves into their store so that their children can have a better life.  Mary feels trapped by the store and the expectations of the Korean life her parents want for her.  She wants Canadian friends and a white boyfriend.  She fights against everything her mother wants until a key events changes the cycle of mothers and daughters.

I really enjoyed this look into a different culture and the crushing expectations that it holds for the characters.  It gives me a different view as I walk by the corner stores on Queen Street.

Having recently returned to Canada I also really enjoyed reading a good Canadian book and the story of teenagerhood in Canada.

If anyone reading this review has read the book, please tell me who is Kay???


3 thoughts on “Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety

  1. I am not sure but if you like that book you will love Sharron Carpenter’s book Jenny & the Driver,

    Description: David,who grew up in poverty, is obsessed with expensive cars, but has little hope of ever owning one. Suddenly his life changes and all his dreams seem to be coming true

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