Concert Photography


I love checking out galleries during the Contact Photography Festival in Toronto. Analogue Gallery was my first visit this year. Always new things to learn


Option B

optionbI LOVED Lean In. So much wonderful wisdom and experience. The one thing that bugged me a bit was how much weight she gave to her husband Dave as a partner in her success.  For those of us without a supportive partner, that piece was hard to relate to.

And then Dave died.

It was hard to think about how she would continue what she’d started without Dave beside her.

When I heard about Option B, I knew I wanted to read it right away.

I think we all have moments where life kicks it out of us and we need to regroup.  This book is good for that.  Then there are some people who come to a place where something happens that seems to stop the earth turning.  This book is great for that.

I’m in neither place right now.  I thought the book was good.  There were some pieces (like the three Ps) that are useful anytime.  I was interested in hearing Sheryl’s story.  And she said a lot of interesting stuff about being a support to people going through tragedy.

Mostly I’m glad I read this book so I have it in my brain in case I REALLY need it. I’m glad I bought it so that I have it nearby, just in case.

Sheryl is a great writer and you can hear the style of Adam Grant peaking through.  If you’re a fan of either writer, you’ll love this book.

I would recommend this book.  If you are going through a massive change, you probably already know you need this book.  It is a good guide through grief and the spinning feeling when massive change happens.  Buy it.  You’ll want to read it more than once.


fallingCaution – spoiler alert – do not say you were not warned.

This book lacked a plot. Every so ofter there would be a vague attempt at some conflict, but it just seemed to be going nowhere.  Girl meets boy. Occasional small things arise. They are nothing and everyone gets over them quickly.

Then he dies. In a move so telegraphed that I had figured out at least 200 pages earlier that it was going to happen.  And the title is a horrible horrible pun on how he dies. I wouldn’t even call this foreshadowing, it’s so blatant.

Do yourself a favour and skip this book.  I’m just glad I got it from the library and didn’t waste a cent on it.

She’s not even disguising Westport anymore. It feels tired and forced.