Winter Stroll & Winter Storms

stormsFirst, and most important, I’ve finally started using my local library system.  This may seem minor, but for someone who loves libraries (and books) as much as me, it’s significant.  And for someone who reads as much as me, it’s a budget lifesaver.

I found Winter Stroll a few weeks ago in the library and couldn’t resist a lighter book after so many heavy books.  This fit exactly what I needed – a book I was eager to pick up every day, but wouldn’t drag me down.  The end was really abrupt and I ended up buying the Kindle version of Winter Storm because I wanted to know what happened to the characters.

I really enjoyed 90% of these books.  I enjoyed the characters, the interwoven story lines, the pacing…

However, Winter Storm has a fatal flaw.  In the scene of the wedding shower all of the guests received a wrapped copy of Elin Hilderbrand’s latest book.  SHE PUT AN AD FOR HER OWN BOOK INSIDE ONE OF HER OTHER BOOKS.  Sorry for shouting, but that’s just weird.  Her books are bestsellers, why go all crass and promo another book inside her book?  Did she think she was being cute?  Does she think she’s that ubiquitous throughout the culture??

I actually gasped when I read that line and I couldn’t get it out of my head for the rest of the book.

Please Elin, stick to the great writing and leave the book promos to someone else.  It’s degrading and crass to do it yourself inside another book.