Lily and the Octopus

lilyThe other day I was in the library looking through the recent releases. The woman next to me struck up a conversation about books and said I looked like a major reader like her.

She handed me this book Lily and the Octopus and said it was an amazing and refreshing book. I needed to read it.

Because it was the library and it costs nothing to take risks, I took out the book.

I almost didn’t read it. So many books, so little time. But then I picked it up and was hooked within a few minutes. That’s saying a lot as I’m not really an animal person and it’s a book about a dog. A dying dog at that.

It’s a story about Ted, a single guy who really loves his dog. As he faces his dog’s coming death, he also faces his past relationships.

I don’t want to give away too much, so I won’t say more about the plot.

This is a fun and quirky book, despite the topic. You come to love the characters and go on the flights of imagination with Ted.

I will be passing this along to someone else at the library. Pay it forward!