Year Projects

Starting in 2012, I decided to start a new project every year on my birthday.  I’m bad at New Year’s resolution, but this is something more practical and seems to work better for me.


For this year I had a year ‘bucket list’.  Things I love to do (but sometimes need to be reminded), really should do, or need to make the opportunity to do.  For more of an explanation, here’s my introductory post.  Here they are so far:

#1 A Bouquet of New Pencils (for the start of school)

#2 Visit Nantucket

#3 Sleep Under a Qullt

#4 Buy the New U2 Album

#5 Get Organized

#6 Do a Photo Day

#7 Lemon Merigue Pie

#8 Go to a Diner

#9 Re-Watch Gilmore Girls

#10 Buy New Tires

#11 Visit Tim Hortons

#12 Live by the Water

#13 Go to Taco Bell


I have two projects for this year.  I was trying to find something that includes things I love and addresses my fears about getting older.  The first is to do (or go to) something new every week.  The second is to visit 40 bookstores this year.

New things:

smp145Rock Harbor, Orleans, MA

Three Sisters Lighthouses, Eastham, MA

Cronuts (not exciting enough to stand in line for hours)

Odyssey Books

North Hadley Sugar Shack

Electric Cafe

Amy’s Bakery Arts Cafe, Brattleboro, VT

Glazed Donut Shop, Amherst, MA

River Valley Food Coop, Northampton, MA

Meetinghouse Books, Deerfield, MA

Hillside Pizza, Hadley, MA

Dino’s Pizza – Holyoke, MA

Amherst Books – Amherst, MA

Dupont Circle – Washington, DC

Eastern Market – Washington, DC

Small Oven Bakery – Easthampton, MA

The Works – Amherst, MA

made chia pudding

Type Books (finally!) – Toronto, ON

Captain Jack’s Roadside Shack – amazing fish tacos


It was my goal to visit 40 bookstores in the year, and I did it!  The list and description of the bookstores provided the start of my Bookstores page.


For 2012 my Year Project was to take 365 good to great pictures to encapsulate my year.  I didn’t manage 365 in the year, but I’m really happy with many of the photos I’ve taken (and the project continues).

Here’s a link to my photo project:


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